Juga-Naut & David ‘Stickman’ Higgins – 16 Barz In A Bar at Ye Olde Trip To JerusalemBreakin’ Convention

A Different Kind of QuestioningNottingham Contemporary

Taiwo ‘Showtime’ Bamiduro (Tai & Trix) – The Z:OneBreakin’ Convention

Breakin’ Convention Nottingham 2016 Royal Concert Hall Official RecapBreakin’ Convention

Juga-Naut Breakin’ Convention 2016 NottinghamBreakin’ Convention

SaturnPersonal project

LoudspeakerNottingham Contemporary

Inspirational Volunteer Journeys IVJ

Working ArtistsNottingham Contemporary

Greenway Youth Centre

Nottingham Doodle Personal project

Roachee Personal project

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